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How to easily watch movies online at both paid and unpaid sites

There are numerous ways to watch movies online, and tens of thousands of sites that offer them. Some involve paying a monthly subscription fee to use them, while other are completely free.

If you are a movie buff, and are always looking for new places to find your favorite movies, here are some you may have overlooked.

Netflix, Amazon, Vimeo and Hulu — Of course, the top sites for watching movies online are Netflix, Amazon, Vimeo and Hulu.

On these sites you will find thousands of the movies you have been dying to see, many TV shows, and even exclusive movies and television shows not available anywhere else.

You will have to pay either a monthly subscription fee as in the case of Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, or pay per movie as in the case of Vimeo. With tens of thousands of things to watch, however, you could quite happily have your attention held for years.

YouTube — YouTube has both paid and free movies to watch.

Some movies are uploaded by individuals who own the movie in their own movie library, or by distributors that have decided to let the general public watch them for free.

YouTube also has an area of the site with paid movies. That means you have to pay a fee of between 99 cents and $6 to be able to watch a film. While a great place to watch movies you cannot find anywhere else, YouTube can be an expensive option for a movie buff.

Free streaming sites — The best place for a movie buff to be able to find all the movies he or she wants to watch, and to not have to pay for them, is on one of the free streaming sites, like gomovies.

There are thousands of free streaming sites around the Internet, some good, some bad, and all have a different selection of movies for you to watch.

That means whether you are looking for westerns, sci-fi, horror films, independent movies, foreign films, blockbusters or films hardly anyone saw, you will find them on all these free sites.

Some sites host everything. Some sites also host TV shows.

Other sites stick to a specific genre. That is why you will find free streaming sites with a massive selection of horror films, indie movies, sci-fi blockbusters or documentaries.

If a specific genre is what you usually like to watch, then these sites are the first places you should find and bookmark.

Choosing the best free streaming sites — There are several ways you can figure out which streaming sites are the best.

If they are loaded with advertising and then have several video ads you have to watch in order to be able to see a movie, they are generally not the best sites. If they have links that do not work, or links that only go to a paid movie, they are not a good site.

Find a site with a large selection of movies, links that work and minimal advertising, however, and you have found a site you will love.

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