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Are the most popular shows on Netflix usually worth watching?

If you have a Netflix account (check out compte netflix gratuit, btw – great resource), but do not tend to watch many of the most popular shows, you may be wondering if they are actually worth watching?


After all, just because people are watching some shows more than others, it does not mean they are the right shows for you. In other words, should you watch the most popular shows on Netflix or spend your time watching something else instead?


Watch the shows that interest you — The first rule of thumb with any Netflix account is to watch the shows that interest you. That means, even if a show is one of the most popular shows on the streaming service, if it is on a subject you are not interest in, why watch it?


Instead, add the shows you are interested in to your list, and ignore the popular shows that do not interest you at all.


Spend five minutes giving the show a chance — Of course, you can spend some time watching popular shows on Netflix if you like.


After all, you can often tell with just five minutes of viewing time that this is a show you will not like. As Netflix allows you to watch anything and then stop watching it if you are not interested, the only thing you spend is time. The cost per show is the same whether you watch it or not.


Ask your friends? — If you have friends whose taste you trust, ask them if they are watching any of the most popular shows on Netflix and which they enjoy the most.


Sometimes you can find out quite a lot about a show from a friend who has watched it, and realize quickly it is something you might like. It is often less time-consuming to ask a friend about a specific show than try to watch the show yourself.


Read online reviews — While it is rare you will have everything in common with entertainment critics when it comes to reviews of popular shows, you can often find good information about popular shows by reading their reviews.


This is because they will give you a quick synopsis of the plot, and allow you to find out if it is something you are interested in or not.


They will also talk about performances of the actors starring in the series, which can easily make or break your viewing enjoyment. In other words, if a review slams the performance of an actor, it is often due to the performance being terrible.


Watch the shows you are interested in — Too many people get hung up on having to watch the most popular shows just because the people they know are watching them too.


The best way to approach popular shows on Netflix is to only watch the shows you specifically are interested in. After all, being swayed by the crowd to watch something you do not particularly enjoy is a waste of your time, as well as a sign that you do not know your own tastes very well.

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