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Why do some people use private Instagram accounts?

It should be remembered that Instagram is a social network, but it is primarily aimed at developing and using photos. This service allows you to share your images with the world wide web community quickly.


This social networking service not only thinks about photographers. In addition to them, users upload and publish various images: funny and interesting pictures, photos of food, shots from events or concerts.


At the same time, some companies are interested in the advertising effect received on this service. After all, so you can show their products to the broad masses of users. To do this, they create accounts on Instagram with open access to information.


But what if someone does not want to share their images with everyone? Then they use this social network for secure access.


We are talking about users who have opened an account on Instagram, but they do not give the public access to the published pictures. These people can be different: both professionals and amateurs interested in the fact that only certain users saw their photos and videos.


For such people, there is a possibility that this service is used for secure access. To do this, they make their accounts for private use (though tools like privateinstaviewer can get around this).


There are several principles of making such accounts:


  • First of all, it is worth remembering that the account on Instagram can be blocked or deleted by its owner at any time. Therefore, before creating an account for private use, it is necessary to consider when this service will not fit you anymore.


  • It should also be remembered that if users have decided to create a closed account, they are obliged to use the appropriate settings. This means that to limit access to information on your own, you need to use “Private Account” settings. In this case, only those who have a password will be able to see the published materials. However, if you forget or lose it, anyone can access your images and videos.


  • The password for access to a private account is created by its owner. It is worth remembering that this password should be kept secret. The fact that it will allow you to control who sees your photos and videos.


  • Owners of private accounts also have the opportunity to limit access to information by “Followers.” In addition, they can change these settings at any time. However, if other users cannot follow you, they cannot see the published materials.


  • If someone wants to limit access to information on their own by “Followers,” it is necessary periodically to change these settings. Otherwise, data can be easily found in open sources.


  • It should also be remembered that if you want to open an account for private use, you should also protect it. To do this, you must activate such a function as “Protect my Profile.” In addition, in this case, it is worth remembering that the name of your account will not be displayed anywhere.


  • Last but not least: if someone creates an account on Instagram for secure access, they are allowed to share their images and videos only with those who have a special link. This link looks like the following: where xxxxxx is a unique number generated by Instagram. By using such a link, you can share your private photos and videos with selected users.


That’s all the information about making an account on Instagram for private use. Remember that you will never regret if you use such a service for yourself and your business. After all, many companies achieved success thanks to this platform: it’s no secret that photos published here can get more likes than anywhere else.

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