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Why Minecraft SMP Servers Are All The Hype These Days!

What is an SMP Server?


Survival Multiplayer, often known as SMP, is one of the more recent additions to the list of ways players may enjoy the game of Minecraft. Players have the option of joining SMP servers that are either peaceful, disorderly or modded, depending on the sort of multiplayer experience they are looking for. Over the last year, the planned version of SMP Minecraft that is hosted on the server of YouTuber Dream has become more popular. Some gamers consider SMP to be nothing more than a community server on which they and their friends may come together and play. In this post, we will discuss the many kinds of SMP servers as well as the steps necessary to join one.

Types of SMP Servers:


There are many types of Minecraft SMP servers. It is up to you and your liking which one to choose from. Here is a list of some of them!

Vanilla SMP Servers:


Vanilla refers to the version of Minecraft that is most likely the soberest. Because of how unaltered and conventional it is, it has been given the name Vanilla. In most cases, Vanilla may be identified by the absence of additional features like modifications, plugins, bungee cord, or safeguards. Vanilla requires a significant time investment and functions more as a multiplayer adaptation of the single-player settings you create.

Modded SMP Servers:


You may pick from a wide number of modded servers, each of which offers its own set of unique plugins, supplementary features, and goods, as well as a wide range of user-created material and altered game mechanics. Gamers on modded servers can do whatever they can imagine, from reenacting the Death Run to taking part in the game’s economy. Modded servers let players’ imaginations run wild. Skyblock is another well-liked mod for Minecraft that adds new obstacles to the game by forcing players to live on floating platforms, make do with fewer resources and make it to the final dimension. Players on certain sorts of modded servers could be required to download and install certain modules or mod packs on their computers.





Players can establish factions and stake land claims following the strength and size of their factions on servers based on the popular Factions plugin. This sort of server is known as a “Factions” server. Its primary focus is on player-against-player combat, warfare, and conflict. Some servers provide a less challenging variation of this game known as Towny. Towny is a bit different from the original game and focuses more on economics, but it uses the same core concepts.


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