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Add Sparkle to Any Party with a Photo Booth

Photo Booths are Phun

Sure we all love to go to parties, but a novelty photo booth adds a jolt of fun and good humor to any gathering. Imagine your attendees assembling in pairs and threesomes, assuming modest costumes and having their pictures taken. You will hear them giggle as they pose in the booth for their four photos and listen to everyone discussing the challenges and fun of the poses they selected and the props they used to add to the fun.


The Photos Become Part of the Entertainment

The photos themselves make a great keepsake of the event for the host/hostess and for each guest. During the event, the already taken photos display publicly for all to see and discuss. Everyone has a different opinion of the best group shot, how well they looked in the provided costume materials and how each person behaved as the photos were taken.



Not only are they fun, but renting a photo booth (e.g. from Sydney photo booth hire) for a few hours is probably more affordable than you think, particularly in comparison with the advantages they provide.


Bands are very expensive and are only appropriate for large venues. Entertainers of other sorts, such as comedians, are also expensive and you can count on them offending much of your audience. Neither of these options leave behind reminders of the event.


When you rent a photo booth, your guests go home with a memento of the evening and you keep copies of all the photos created during that event. You can use these in newsletters, web sites and invitations to future gatherings.



A photo booth adds to the fun and atmosphere of an event rather than distracting people from it; it becomes an integral part of the gathering. It is superior fun because it is participatory. Everyone would much rather be part of an entertaining event than sit in one place passively waiting to be entertained. A photo booth provides an opportunity for people to move around at events, mix with people they may not know too well and gather together in unusual pairings.


Photo Booths Contribute to Your Theme

Why are you having a gathering? Is it an office-related event? Alumni gathering? Family party? With a photo booth, you can extend the theme of your party and reinforce it. Provide appropriate props for your event such as school spirit wear, posters of office events or masks and fake beards for your family.


Use Your Photo Booth to Raise Funds

What cause is close to your heart? Have a photo booth at your next fund-raiser to add a few more dollars to your coffers. Invite families to have their pictures taken, pose with your board, encourage parents to have their children’s pictures taken – for a small donation that goes to a worthy cause and a bit of fun.


Office Picnic? Invite a Photo Booth!

Have departments, groups and pals photographed at the annual company picnic. Include humorous hats and disguises for people to use in the photos. Take a photo of the CEO presenting an award to the winners of the three-legged race and Hot Potato. You can use all the photos later on the company bulletin board.


Use Your Imagination

This piece just provides a few hints of how your rented photo booth can feature in your next gathering. Use your own fertile imagination for more fun uses – how about the annual 5k race in your town? The high school graduation or the annual show? The fun and application of a photo booth never ends and at these prices, you can afford to have a great deal of fun.

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