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FIFA 17: What are Fifa Coins and what can you use them for?

Introduction to Fifa Coins

FIFA video games were first released in 1993. Within a few short years, the popularity of the games increased so much that the creators, Electronic Arts had to meet the demand by releasing a newer version every year. As the game play became closer to resembling actual teams, it became reasonable to have some sort of currency. So, Fifa coins were added to finance virtual player transactions.

Fifa coins (also called FUT coins) are an important part of the negotiation factor. The coins can be purchased and then used in bartering, trading and buying players as add-ons in EA Sports game play. Specifically, Fifa coins are a digital currency format, which allows player transactions for the purpose of building premiere sporting franchises called, “FIFA Ultimate Teams.” EA Sports is the official name of the licensed gaming division created by Electronics Arts.

The coins are virtual bargaining chips that provide leverage to acquire players for all simulated action video gaming platforms including XBOX One and 360, Nintendo, and 3DS, PSP, Wii, personal computers, and iOS, Android, Windows phone and PS3. The sporting teams associated with Fifa coins player acquisitions are soccer and football.

How Are Fifa Coins Use?

Fifa coins are used to buy players, packs and consumable cards. Consumables are different types of cards available within the game play. They’re used to pay for everything that goes along with owning a sports teams, such as training facilities, injury treatments, practice equipment and specialty fitness procedures. All the things that go into making a winning team.

A video game user can begin by purchasing 17 coin packs. The packs represent different denominations inside the game scenario, these include 10K, 20K, and 30K and 40K. Not only can players buy Fifa coins, they may also trade for them. The players who are most valuable, are also the most expensive to acquire, so in order to get these “franchise” caliber players; the virtual team owner, must gather enough coins to make the transaction.

Other Ways to Acquire Fifa Coins

Fifa coins are earned for conference wins and division titles and rewards are paid in coins. The “transfer” market and FIFA points are ways to get more rewards. A trade on the transfer market, could result in earning more than the amount that was invested in the player. As the team moves through the season, the higher the rewards. Some are equal to a gold pack, which is approximately two million Fifa coins. Each trade on the transfer market, requires paying EA Sports a 5% commission.

Make sure to check out the video below for some additional tips on building your ultimate team.


Fifa coins are a form of video game currency. You can either purchase them, trade or barter for them or if you’re an excellent negotiator, you may earn them as a transfer reward. The purpose of the coins is to build the best possible team through acquisitions. When assembled with the right players, it is then referred to as the, “Ultimate Team.” Some video game team owners can acquire a player at a bargain price and then trade and receive more than they invested. Fifa coins make it possible to acquire “high rated” players for team building.

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