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An In Depth Comparison of Music Streaming Sites

The Sound Cloud Experience

There are a whole lot of music lovers that are loving what they are finding on the SoundCloud. This is a website that has a lot of free music for people that are trying to do a variety of different things. There are mixes posted on the SoundCloud by various users. There are also songs that are posted by mainstream artists that have their own account. This is how many people will post new material that has not even hit the radio yet. That is why a lot of people stay glued to what is going on next with SoundCloud because they can get exclusive content that is not available anywhere else at the moment.

Riding the Tidal Wave

Another music streaming website that is getting a lot of praise is Tidal. This is the app that allows lot of people to get the exclusive content from some mainstream artists before it is released in stores. This is one of the best ways for a streaming service to stand out because there is so much competition in place already. A lot of people are going to embrace this type of service because it gives them access to content that is not found anywhere else.

There is a whole world of content out there for people that are interested in building their library with a lot of exclusive content. The great thing about this site is that it offers people access to video and audio. There are concerts that are shown on this website, and that puts this music streaming service a couple of steps ahead of the others.

Spotify Feels the Void

Another one of the free music websites that has managed to fill the void for a lot of people in Spotify. This has become one of the more popular websites for a large majority of people that are interested in mainstream music from their favorite musicians. Spotify has a very extensive catalog with a variety of genres, and this allows so many people to build their music playlist without carrying around any music. This is much better for people that may not have a lot of space on their phones or tablets.

A good number of people will take the time to build their playlist and use Spotify for parties that they may be hosting. This has become a much more common thing because lots of people have wireless routers in their home. They can stream endlessly without any bandwidth issues that what cause a break in the music entertainment through a streaming service.

Apple Music Gets Customers with Celebrity Appeal

Apple has billions of dollars to spend in various areas because the iPhones and iPads are so popular. This allows this company to gain the support of celebrities that will host radio shows through Apple music.

It is the celebrity buzz that gives Apple the same type of appeal that satellite radio has. People that are hosting shows will often be able to release new tracks and also give their fans access to free mp3 download. It is not uncommon for fans to sign up and go to these websites simply because they have access to some of their favorite artists. This is why Apple has become so popular with many music lovers.


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