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Fun Runs/Themed Races – Home

Fun runs and themed races are a way to make exercise enjoyable for the whole family. These types of races prove that exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. Fun runs attract participants using entertaining themes. Most themed races ask runners to pay a fee in order to participate. The fee typically goes toward a particular charity. Other nonprofit organizations may set up as vendors during the race to bring awareness to a particular cause.

Unique Fun Runs and Themed Races

The founders of themed races come up with some of the most creative ideas. Some of the most enjoyable fun runs involve zombies, dancing and colorful paint.

Run for Your Lives is a zombie-themed race. Runners tuck flags in their belts before beginning. As they run, they must maneuver through a series of obstacles. Throughout the race, zombies try to pull the flags off of runners’ belts. The flags represent the runners’ health. If they lose all their flags, they become infected.

The Color Run is more fun than it is competitive. Participants are asked to wear white T-shirts. During the race, they are splattered with different colors of paint powder. It’s more about having fun than it is about making the best time. This is an ideal race for children.

There are several different 5K Dance Party runs. These take place at night. Runners wear black clothing and are given glow sticks. Throughout the run, different areas blast music and display light shows with neon and strobe lights. You won’t even realize you’re getting exercise. A dance party is set up at the finish line to continue the festivities even after the race is over.

Disney World is more than a place to stroll around and enjoy the rides. The theme park holds several races every year through runDisney. You can race through the different theme parks with competitions for the whole family. Whether you want to run a princess-themed 5K with the kids or train for the Star Wars half marathon, you can find a runDisney race almost every month of the year.

How to Get Involved

You can participate in a fun run even if you’re not an athlete. Most themed races allow you to walk through the course. You don’t have to be fast. You just have to be willing to have a good time. In fact, many fun runs are open to young children as well as adults.

If you aren’t into getting your heart rate up, you can volunteer at the event. Themed races often require hundreds of volunteers in order to operate. Volunteers help to set the course, hand out water, handle registrations, prepare SWAG bags and clean up.

Themed races take place all over the world. Some are put on by organizations that travel from town to town. Others are organized by locals who get inspiration from the larger organizations. If you’d rather be part of a wacky race than a super-serious event, you might want to look into fun runs or themed races in your area.

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