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Advantages of free sites for TV shows and movies versus streaming services

Are there any advantages to using free sites for TV shows and movies versus using streaming services, or are all the advantages from paying a monthly subscription for your shows?

Free TV shows and movies — Of course, the main advantage to a free service is that you do not have to pay a monthly fee to watch the shows you like.

If you are on a fixed budget, this can be quite a big advantage. Especially if you like to watch a lot of shows.

All streaming services, however, do charge a monthly fee. While it may be a very low fee, some people still cannot afford it, so that is a big disadvantage to the service.

Access to almost every show and movie — While streaming services do have tens of thousands of shows and movies to watch, there will always be some shows or movies they do not have.

With free sites, however, if you spend enough time searching on them, you will usually find all the TV shows and movies you want to watch. Even if you have to spend time doing so.

Downloading movies and shows — In most cases, you can download movies and TV shows from free sites. You do have to be careful, however, as some do host viruses that can cause major problems on your computer or phone. If you are looking for a reputable free site, check out 123movies.

With streaming services, however, you can download as many TV shows and movies as you like and you will never have to worry about your device contracting a virus.

International shows — Many streaming services do have a huge collection of international movies and TV shows. Some of the free sites have even more.

If you like international movies or foreign TV shows, you may like using the free sites even more, as you will be able to find just about anything you are interested in.

You are not tracked — If you value your privacy, using a free site may be preferable to paying for streaming services.

After all, all streaming services do monitor what you watch, and they do keep records of every TV show and movie that you access. This is due to you having to give real personal information in order to get an account.

With free sites, however, you do not have to give them any personal information so nobody knows who you are when you watch specific things. If you want to make this even less likely to happen, you can also use a VPN to access any free site that you like.

The newest episodes — With streaming services, you sometimes have to wait several months before you can watch the newest episodes in specific TV shows.

With free sites, however, you will usually find those episodes are uploaded to the site right after they aired on TV. This gives you access to shows you like months before they appear on streaming services, and allows you to keep up to date with happenings on your favorite shows.

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