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Different Houses in Harry Porter



Gryffindor merits courage, nerve, chivalry as well as bravery. The mascot is a golden and scarlet red lion. The house is headed by Minerva McGonagall, the Deputy Headmistress, and the Transfiguration Professor. Sir Nicholas, commonly referred to as Nearly Headless Nick is the ghost of the house. Godric Gryffindor is the initiator of the house, and Rowling claims that he corresponds to the fire accordingly. Amongst the highest towers in the castle belong to Gryffindor’s main room. The common room is guarded by the Fat Lady on the 7th floor of the castle. Access is only permitted when one has a certain password. Slytherin ranks ambitions, leadership, cunning, and resourcefulness, and put their good luck on a sliver and green serpent. Sorting Hat claims that Slytherins are ready to risk it to be successful. Severus Snape is the head after replacing the retired Horace Slughorn who later reclaims the position after Severus is promoted to become a Headmaster. The Bloody Baron is the house’s ghost, and the element of the house is water founded by Salazar Slytherin.




Hufflepuff values loyalty, patience, hard work, and justice. The badger is the element of good luck that is black, graphite, and canary white. Pomona Sprout, the Herbology Professor heads Hufflepuff, and Fat friar is the ghost. Hufflepuff corresponds to the earth that was founded by Helga Hufflepuff. There are large barrels at the entrance of the dormitories, and also a corridor that has the kitchen. The common room is designed to have a repeller that notices illegal entrants, and also has yellow hangings as well as fat armchairs, and the little tunnels to the hostels have round doors.




Ravenclaw merits wit, intelligence, wisdom, and learning that has an eagle as the mascot. The colors of the good luck element are bronze and blue on the scarves and ties. Professor Filius Flitwick who happens to be the Charms teacher heads this house, and the Grey Lady is the ghost of this house. Rowling illustrates that Ravenclaw corresponds to the air as the main element, and Rowena Ravenclaw is the initiator of this unique house. This house’s dormitories are found in the Ravenclaw Tower that is on the west of Hogwarts. In the tower, there is a round common room that has armchairs and blue hangings. The ceiling is painted with special features and stars that resemble Rowena’s statue in her diadem. Ravenclaw is strategically poised to get a view of the neighboring mountains. Unlike Gryffindor that needs a password to enter the house, a well-thought riddle should be solved before accessing Ravenclaw. Therefore, only intelligent people can access the common room, and Gryffindor’s professor McGonagall works out the riddle comfortably.


Want to know which house you would belong to? Take the sorting hat quiz to find out.

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