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Instagram Private Profile Viewer

One of the many features of the popular social media site, Instagram, is the ability to make your profile private so that you can block people from seeing what you post or block people that you do not know or do not want to follow you from doing just that. But, in some cases such as if you want to know what your child is posting on Instagram or you need to see a profile if you’re looking at them for a job or any other reason that you might have, you will need to know how to be able to access a private account on Instagram. That’s where the Private Profile Viewer comes in.


How it works

The Instagram Private Profile Viewer allows you to view any Instagram profile on any device. With this website/app you will be able to view the photos of almost anyone that you need to. You can browse or export any private media as needed, along with recover old private messages and files that might have been lost. You can also view any account without having to log out of your own.

To use the Instagram Private Profile Viewer, you first have to make sure the account you are looking for is valid and that you have the correct username, otherwise it will not work. After that, all you need to do is type in the profile name and then select the viewing option that you want. Viewing options fall under the categories of images/videos, text files, or Choose All. If you select the last option you will be able to view everything about the profile, whereas if you choose one of the other two you will only be able to see the images or the text.


Entertainment Only

While allows you to look into any private profile that you want to, it is not actually affiliated with Instagram itself. That being said, it also has an emphasis on using the website for entertainment purposes only. The Instagram Private Profile Viewer is to be used at your own risk but asks again that you only use it if you feel the need to and for entertainment only, or if you feel the need to check on your child or loved one. is not liable to any damage done by using their software.

The Instagram Private Profile Viewer should only be used as a last option for serious issues. It is also recommended that you ask the person who’s profile you are looking at before doing it. If needed, the software is available for you to be able to view private profiles fast.

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