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Reasons Portable Bicycles Are a Trend In 2021

Bicycles have been used by commuters all over the world to get to and from work. Even with this, there were still many people who preferred using public transport to riding a bike to work. The current pandemic means that people have to practice social distancing, which means that public transport is not the first option for commuters. Many people who do not own cars have decided to go back to riding bikes. It is for this reason that many people started buying folding bikes. Since bike sharing is not encouraged at the moment, getting your bike would help prevent the spread of the virus. Here are the perks of getting a folding bicycle instead of the traditional one.


They Are Portable


Aside from being a great mode of transport, portable bicycles can be easily transported. Since they fold up easily, they can fit in the boot of a small car, on a train, or even in the office space. You do not have to worry about leaving it somewhere in case you jump into a taxi or a train.


They Store Easily


Portable bicycles are less bulky than normal-sized bicycle. If you live in a small apartment with limited storage space, you do not have to worry about leaving your bike outside where it might get stolen. They can be folded up and stored in your room. Some offices have even created small metallic storage lockers for these bikes so that one does not leave them outside. It beats the worry that comes with leaving your bike outside on a sidewalk.


They Have Various Health and Environmental Benefits


You are more likely to use your portable bike than the traditional one. The reason for this is, you can carry it around and use it when you deem it necessary. Since the bikes store up easily, you can even take them out and go riding out of town. There is no hassle of how to carry it around. Many people with portable bikes say they had used it more often than when they had their normal-sized one.


They Give You Value For Your Money


Even though folding bikes are expensive, they tend to last longer than traditional bikes. The main reason behind this is, they are made stronger, and storing them is easier. No one leaves their folding bicycle at the mercy of the weather like you would a traditional bike. Second-hand folding bikes are also of better quality, so you can always sell yours if you need to get another.


2021 has seen fewer people take the bus or train, and as such, more people are riding bikes to work. Getting a folding (portable) bicycle will be an excellent investment for you. You get to exercise and still practice social distancing, which reduces the rate of infection.

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