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My Top 5 Best Haunting Movies of the last 20 years

I simply picked these films because they haunted me, no matter how long ago I saw them. These are the 5 films that are not only really good, but will linger in your mind for days on end. Btw, you can check out some movie option at couchtuner movies, but many of the ones discussed below are also on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

  1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This film has a very simple premise. Boy meets Girl. Boy falls in love with Girl. They break up. Boy goes to special service to erase all memory of their relationship. It is simple as that.

It is, of course, not really easy to erase your past and keep it from interfering in you life. In fact, after spending the whole movie trying to erase her memory, he still falls in love with her all over again and might be stuck in a loop where he just keeps on erasing the memories of her over and over again.

The performances by Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet are truly great and it is truly strange that nobody seemed to remember this movie when the awards season arrived.

  1. The Dark Knight

They say that a superhero movie can only be good if it has a good villain and this movie has it in spades. Heath Ledger plays this part so well that you begin to wonder if he was crazy in real life. So far, he is the best Joker that has ever been on screen and it is beginning to hard to imagine if anybody will surpass this performance.

What truly haunts you about his performance is that it was his last. He tragically died after overdosing on prescription drugs soon after finishing this film. The audience will never get to see him make a performance again and that is what is truly haunting about this film,

  1. Captain America: Winter Soldier

Captain America is haunted about a past that was so long ago, nobody remembers it. He was frozen for 70 years and there are few people around who can remember that far back in the past. It doesn’t help that he seems to be being stalked by a man he partnered with in that long ago past.

The Winter Soldier is stalking him and is indeed the same man that he partnered with a long time ago. He wants to kill Cap because he has been ordered to by his handlers, Hydra. What is ever worse is that Hydra has taken over SHIELD, the organization that Captain American currently works for. Captain America looks truly hurt that the organization he currently works for has turned evil. His hurt was haunts you after watching this movie.

This movie is unique, not just for having a dead person get an Oscar, but it actually changed the Oscars. After these Oscars, they decided that they would nominate mare than 5 movies, based on a mathematical formula. Since this movie, 8 or 9 movies are usually nominated.

  1. Toy Story 3

After what happens to these toys in this movie, they should in therapy for the rest of their toy lives. They are incinerated by the bad guy in this movie. I was really scared that they would going to one of the worst fates that a plastic toy. They are barely saved and I am haunted by the possible mental scars in toys that don’t deserve such scars.

  1. Spider-Man 2

Before Spider-Man: Homecoming, this was the best live action Spider-Man film and for me, it is partly because of one image. After Doctor Octopus’s bomb does explode near the end of the movie, the final image of Octopus is seeing his mechanical arms and limbs, deep underwater, struggling to stay alive as he is obviously going to drown soon. I am not usually haunted by the death throes of a villain, but I truly feel sorry that he is dying as he showed at the end that he could have been a good person again. His death throes are what haunts me.

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