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Stickers Can Take Your Brand to New Places

Stickers Make Great Marketing Tools

People place stickers on items they use daily and then take the items with them wherever they go. Creating a custom sticker for your brand can take your marketing to an endless array of new places.

Imagine that a person puts your brand’s custom sticker on their water bottle, and carries that bottle to work with them. An office full of people have now seen your brand. Perhaps a college student places your sticker on their laptop. Now multiple class rooms and libraries full of college students have seen your brand. All of that exposure can come from just one little sticker!

How To Use Custom Stickers To Market Your Brand

The key to using stickers for marketing is to create an amazing custom sticker that people will want to place on their belongings. A sticker that has a fun design, bright colors, or a trendy message will see far more usage than a plain text sticker with your brand name. Try to incorporate a fun image that customers will associate with your brand.

Size is important. The best sticker will be large enough that it gets noticed, but small enough to easily fit on everyday objects. People that like stickers often use several of them on the same item, such as a laptop computer or their vehicle. You will want to choose a size that works well to show off your brand but also will fit well with other stickers.

High quality materials and print are key. The colors of the sticker should stay vibrant and not fade away. Choosing a material such as vinyl that doesn’t scratch easily is beneficial. A durable professional sticker will equate your brand with high quality.

Stickers Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Stickers are great for building brand loyalty. That person that has your custom sticker on their water bottle or lap top is not only spreading the message of your brand to others, but is more likely to become a regular customer. They will see your sticker every day, so your brand stays in the front of their mind.

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