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Top 5 Free Streaming Sites

The future of movie streaming is difficult to predict, especially with giants like Netflix and Hulu out there, too, dominate the scene. We all know that they will eventually come to an end though, so what, if they were out of the picture, would the future of streaming look like? Here are the top 5 streaming sites that might dominate if Netflix and Hulu were to fall.

1) Vidnow – This streaming site is at the top of the list, users voted 1-10, and this landed at a whopping 10 on all scores. You sign up with an email and password, and from there you can watch your favorite movies, and if they bring in TV shows into, their midst they’re pretty much a free Netflix. There are no requirements for downloading, but you can if you want to watch them offline! And they have unlimited bandwidth, making watching a movie smooth and easy.

2) Fmovies – This lovely streaming site gives you a wide variety of shows and free movies, especially shows that you can watch without much of a hassle, everything from DR Who to Agents of Shield and everything in between. It even has the number of episodes available and if the show is in HD or not right there on the photo making selections easy.

3) – This streaming platform seems to have both oldies and newer movies, with movies dating back to at least 1984 if not farther. Their system seems a little more simplistic that the other sites, but that may be something you’re looking for. It’s an easy to use platform with a great 5 star rating system for their movies. A wonderful place to settle in and stream a movie, though streaming shows may be beyond them.

4) Tinklepad- Though the name of this streaming site may make you giggle it is actually very good at displaying to you a carousel of movies you may want to watch. With a wide variety of selections that you may not have heard of along with some more popular movies there is a great variety here but the site falls lower on the list due to the latest additions being older, it may have the newer movies update already, or they may be falling behind, either way the people at Tinklepad are ones to watch when it comes to the future of movie streaming.

5) GOmovies- With great up to date movies such as Logan and Beauty and the Beast this streaming site seems to have it all but falls further down the list because of its slightly more difficult to navigate the site. You have to scroll down to see new selections instead of pressing a button and a carousel like you would with Netflix and Hulu, and let’s face it, people don’t like a lot of change in anything especially in their streaming sites.

The future of movie streaming is almost impossible to predict but keeping an eye on the best streaming sites is one way to prepare for the downfall of our favorites.

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