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Why is OnlyFans so popular these days?

In the beginning, people did not have an idea of what OnlyFans meant. In fact, most people thought it was fancy new app influencers were getting on as they had it as links in their bios. The most famous influencers were all having these links, which drew a lot of people into it. The founder, Tim Stokely, started the platform as a way for influencers to get paid for their posts. In a short way, people would be expected to pay a subscription fee to see content from your favorite influencers. So, if you were a fan of the comedy skits or a workout video, this would have been the perfect opportunity to ensure influencers can get paid for their job. And from its inception in 2016, influencers and artists were able to produce content from videos to tips, tutorials, and even selfies.


However, within no time, artists in the erotic industry saw this as an opportunity to venture out on their own and make a buck, and boy, have; they made a ton of them. The economic structure of OnlyFans is very lucrative, considering the artist gets 80% of the earnings. With a price-setting of $5-$50 a month, people are laughing all the way to the bank.


OnlyFans has two avenues of participation, either as a content creator or a content consumer. Publishers need to give some of their personal details, including banking details because that is where the money will be sent. One of the major reasons why the platform has exploded in popularity is because people have proved that they can earn millions of dollars from it. Black Chyna has earned a whopping $14.4 million from the app, and there are others making millions from the same. Influencers and pornography stars are also contributing to the app’s popularity thanks to their constant posts on their wins on social media. Depending on their popularity, people often gather a lot of subscribers instantly when they announce their entry on the platform. There are at least 200,000 accounts created daily.


While the app is mostly famous for erotic content, that is not the only content that is available on the app. There are content creators who use the app to promote their fitness material, professional gaming tips, recipes, beauty and so much more.


OnlyFans is also popular due to the ease of work associated with it. During the pandemic, many people were forced to work from home and the platform afforded people the opportunity to do so. The numbers during the pandemic literally doubled.


It is also popular due to the exclusivity it offers. Think about it this way, only people who pay to access a particular person’s content can see it. It helps people think they have a personal connection with the account owner.


True fans of the celebrities are willing to pay the monthly fees (or check premium OnlyFans for free) to access more content and OnlyFans continues to prove that content is key.

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