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My Top 5 Best Haunting Movies of the last 20 years

I simply picked these films because they haunted me, no matter how long ago I saw them. These are the 5 films that are not only really good, but will linger in your mind for days on end. Btw, you can check out some movie option at couchtuner movies, but …

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Are the most popular shows on Netflix usually worth watching?

If you have a Netflix account (check out compte netflix gratuit, btw – great resource), but do not tend to watch many of the most popular shows, you may be wondering if they are actually worth watching?   After all, just because people are watching some shows more than others, …

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Advantages of free sites for TV shows and movies versus streaming services

Are there any advantages to using free sites for TV shows and movies versus using streaming services, or are all the advantages from paying a monthly subscription for your shows? Free TV shows and movies — Of course, the main advantage to a free service is that you do not …

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Why is TubeMate one of the most popular YouTube video download apps?

If you have decided you need a good app to help you download your favorite YouTube videos, you may be already looking at an app called TubeMate. If you have not downloaded it yet, you should. Not only is TubeMate an excellent app that will do just about everything you …

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Will the coming Despicable Me 3 movie be any good?

Will the coming Despicable Me 3 movie be any good? At this point in the franchise, we’ve come to already know what is to be expected. You have the thievery, the magnetic humor, the infamous Gru (Steve Carrell), and of course his Minions (cough…cough…trademark). The Successful Predecessors The second sequel …

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Top 5 Free Streaming Sites

The future of movie streaming is difficult to predict, especially with giants like Netflix and Hulu out there, too, dominate the scene. We all know that they will eventually come to an end though, so what, if they were out of the picture, would the future of streaming look like? …

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